Welcome to the West! Episode 2: Gigi from Mexico!

welcome to west of ireland interview series
To promote inclusivity and the beauty and wonder that is Westport, we at The Middle Way spoke with people from over the world who have decided to make Westport and the West of Ireland their home!


Below is our interview with Gigi from Mexico!

welcome to the west of Ireland series
Gigi from Mexico who loves Art!

1. Where are you from? 

I am from Mexico.


2. Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Gloria, but people call me Gigi.

I am a 33 and I have lived in London, Montreal, Vancouver, and Mexico.

I studied marketing and Entertainment Business at Vancouver Film School, but I worked in many different positions.

I like culture and creating art exhibitions, and this is an important reason why I am here in Ireland. 


3. Why did you decide to come to the West of Ireland?

I needed to replace London with another place with activity.

A friend of mine told me about Galway and so I did some research and saw that Galway was the European Capital of Culture for 2020!

This incredible artistic background very much grabbed my attention!

red sky of ireland

4. What were your first impressions of the West Coast?

It is so interesting to see how the clouds can alter the atmosphere of the city in five minutes.

On the west coast, you can observe picturesque changes like you see in film scenes.

It is like having a new canvas every 10 minutes where a new painting will appear.

It is like having a new canvas every 10 minutes...
welcome to the west of Ireland series
From Mexico!

5. How long did it take for you to feel at home?

I arrived five months ago, and I felt like Ireland was a second home to me from the outset.

People are always so kind and neighbourly. I received such amazing help about important issues such as getting my first job and renting my house.

6. Have you desires to stay in Ireland for a long time?

I have plans to create a multidisciplinary exhibition with the subject of clouds and the way they interact with their surroundings.

I participated in the opening ceremony of Galway 2020.

I have plans to stay for another two years or so and get more involved in as many art projects as possible.


7. What do you love most about the West of Ireland?

I love the crazy sheep! haha. With their black face and crazy hair, they are very free and spontaneous, just like the Irish people! haha 😀

I have never experienced such a cheerful demeanour as the Irish.

8. What was most surprising about the West of Ireland?

The many styles of music Ireland has and how open people are! The willingness of people to have a genuine conversation with you without knowing you, I find incredible!


9. What did you find most interesting about the people of Ireland?

I feel comfortable when people smile at me.

This occurs in Ireland, but not in other places I have visited before.

Irish people are spontaneous and take a lot about funny stuff and jokes. But then Ireland is also a respectful and helpful society with foreigners.


10. How do you find or maintain balance in your life?

It is easy for me to find a life of balance because I love art!

This country is a cradle of talented artists.

I also like to practice sport, go to the gym and explore outside.

In that way, Ireland gives me great opportunities like cycling the Atlantic Green Way.

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