The National Museum of Ireland, Turlough

The National Museum of Ireland, Castlebar

Country Life, National Museum of Ireland, Turlough

The National Museum of Ireland, located in the village of Turlough, a countryside 20 minutes drive from Westport is an amazing place to learn more about the culture and history of Ireland.

With a large collection the museum is a must-see to better understand the fascinating history of the ancient land of Ireland.

Hosting a variety of displays from Irish history to art, Irish culture to archaeology the institute is a leading museum in Ireland.

There are 4 museum branches in Ireland. 3 of the National Museums are in Dublin and 1 here in Co. Mayo in Turlough.

 Each museum showcases its own aspect of Irish life and history.

cafe at country life museum turlough
Cafe and Shop at the Country Life Museum, Turlough, Co. Mayo

Different elements of Ireland’s rich history and culture can be found in each of the National Museums around Ireland. The evolution of Irish culture can be witnessed through the exhibits within each museum. However, while visiting the West of Ireland it offers a great opportunity – outside the manic world of Dublin to see a lovely glimpse of past Irish life.

country life museum turlough

The Country Life Museum opened in 2001 and offers a glimpse inside the everyday life of Ireland throughout the 19th Century.

Mostly inspired by rural Ireland, the displays offer detailed accounts of how the Irish survived in various places and ways around Ireland. The museum shows an in-depth look at home life, natural environment and forced change throughout the century.

snow covered country life museum turlough
A Snow Covered Country Life Museum

For a rich history of Ireland’s Country Life, natural history, decorative arts and archaeology visit the The National Museum of Ireland in Turlough. With exhibits in all year round it is a fantastic museum which much to learn from and enjoy.

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