Lose Yourself on the Erris Head Loop Walk

erris head loop walk

The Erris Head Loop Walk

With stunning views of the Erris coastline, towering cliffs and the powerful Atlantic Ocean crashing around you, walking the Erris Head Loop Walk in County Mayo is a highly rated activity on TripAdvisor for a reason. 

At the northernmost tip, you will find a viewing point offering amazing views of Illandavuck Island and Pigeon Rock and as well as dramatic sea arches at constant battle with the Irish seas.

The 6-kilometre ramble allows you to soak up the raw beauty of the West Coast of Ireland bringing you through many different terrains. Enjoy grassy paths, earthy banks and steep, rugged cliffs.

Enjoy the crashing waves against the cliffs as seabirds soar across the sky, including choughs.

Bring your walking shoes and a light raincoat as you will be the first thing the Atlantic winds hit after their 1000 mile journey 🙂

Chough birds at Erris

Following the white rocks along the exposed landscape and you will see the solar-powered lighthouse of Eagle Rock as you stare out onto the almost endless void of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Keep an eye out for dolphins as they are a common sight in the bay, and if you get really lucky sometimes you may even be able to witness schools of whales

Things to Do at Erris Head

If you are up for experiencing nature as opposed to walking through it, there are many activities around Erris Head.

kayaking erris head
Kayaking Erris Head

Kayak along the cliffs or inside sea caves is an incredible experience as well as the many daring cliff jumps Erris head offers. Or why not Mountain bike the wild boglands if you truly want to get down and dirty.

Cliff Jumping at Erris Head

As you explore Erris Head you will also see reminders of “The Emergency” from the Second World War in the form of lookout posts and observation points.

If you ever find yourself on the extreme west of Ireland looking for an adventure or want to experience utterly breathtaking scenery during a family-friendly ramble, Erris Head is the perfect choice for almost any occasion. 

PS. There are car park and W/C facilities available at Erris Head.

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