See the Passing of Time at Downpatrick Head

Downpatrick Head

Dún Briste at Downpatrick Head

Downpatrick Head is a popular tourist destination located on the North Coast of County Mayo in Ireland.

The area is named after Saint Patrick because as per the local folklore, it is said he built a church at this location. All that now remains is a part of the old church building and a stone marker that is said to show the original location of the church. 

Even today, masses gather at this place to celebrate the last Sunday in July, which is locally known as “Garland Sunday”.

With its stunning ocean views and rolling, green landscapes Downpatrick Head is a beautiful place to relax and unwind.

As you approach Downpatrick head, you will find the land opening up to the ocean in the form of a large, rolling plateau. Ireland of course has many ‘wild’ places, and Downpatrick Head can be counted amongst the best of them. 

The beautiful walk to Downpatrick Head, encouraging conversation will only be interrupted by inspired silence from the magnificence of the view that is presented to you. 

At the location, there is a peaceful cliff walk that hugs the Atlantic, where you can enjoy the waves of the Atlantic Ocean crashing loudly onto the rocks and cliffs below.

A multitude of birds live on the crevices and cracks of the cliff-faces, filling the atmosphere with a cacophony of natural sounds.

During the summer along the surrounding rolling plateaus you will find “sea pinks” which are beautiful pink flowers indigenous to the location in full bloom. 

On the property, you will find a memorial and a holy well that is dedicated to twenty five Irishmen who fled from British soldiers during the uprising. In 1795 they fled to the caves at Downpatrick Head, but perished when the tide came in and flooded the caves before they could get out. 

Dún Briste at Downpatrick Head

Downpatrick Head is best known for the Broken Fort, otherwise known as “Dún Briste”. “Dún Briste” means “sea stack” and is a large stack of stones located after the face of the cliff which epitomises the wild nature of Ireland. 

This broken fort is a prominent landmark closely associated with Downpatrick Head.

The sea stacks are of course beautiful to behold, reminding you and showing you the tasing time.

They contain layers upon layers of multi-coloured strata dating back centuries. 

stags of Broadhaven
Looking out into the vast ocean, you will find a small collection of islands called the The Stags of Broadhaven
Poll Na Seantainne
The Poll Na Seantainne. A deep blow hole to the Atlantic Ocean

The cliffs, sea-air, birds and roaming sheep all help to calm the mind and soul while breathing life and exercise into the body.

For Inner peace and outdoor adventure, Downpatrick Head get a Middle Way thumbs up.

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