A Day at Keem Bay, Achill Island

Keem Bay

A Day of Ice Cream, Sun Cream & Coffee & Cream at Keem Bay

You almost forget where you’re driving to when driving to Keem Bay.

Keem Bay
Keem Bay at the end of Achill Island

You begin to drive slower and slower as you make your way along the steep coastal roads which hug the cliffs of Achill Island. You try your best to take in the incredible views of the mountains, cliffs and wild Atlantic ocean spread out before you.

Keem Bay
Keem Bay

With sharp bends, high cliffs, the expansive ocean and the odd sheep interrupting your view, you could happily drive much further. However, before you know it, you turn a corner and there it is – Keem Bay. 

Driving into Keem Bay
Driving into Keem Bay

You immediately want to pull in to take in the view. The bay sits sunk into the side of the island with steep hills on all sides.

Snorkeling keem bay
Kayak, Jet-Ski, Snorkel and more at Keem Bay

On the other side of the Bay sits in old World War II looking post keeping watch over the Atlantic Ocean. Excitedly we slowly made our way down the winding roads to the beach. A tricky place to find a car park space, given the popularity of the Bay. People park everywhere and anywhere to not waste any time in getting to the beach.

First things first, we grabbed some ice cream, (99’s), a couple of chips, and some fresh coffee, and made our way to the sand. After a little bit of sunning, we sprinted towards the sea, diving in for a refreshing dip. Of all the beautiful stops along the Wild Atlantic Way of Ireland, Keem Bay must be up there, with it being one of the “wildest” and one of the most “Atlantic”. You feel like it’s nothing but you, the land, and the sea. You sit, relaxing, looking out at the country of Ireland itself. And a soft, gentle reminder you are sitting on an ancient land sinks in.

keem bay
Bridge into Keem Bay

The air is clean and fresh. The sea is blue. The land is green and lush. The sun is warm. When the coffee’s kicked in, we made our way to the top of the cliffs to find the old World War II looking post. We stood with the sun in our faces, fresh coffees in our hands, looking out over the vast ocean with nothing but America being the next stop. Keem Bay is a must-visit if visiting Westport and the West of Ireland. A beautiful, unspoilt, secluded beach and bay.

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