5 Things you Must See and Do on Inishturk Island

things to do on inishturk island

Discover the Unique World of Inishturk Island

Inishturk Island is located in Ireland, around 9 miles off the coast of County Mayo. Being a small island (only 5 X 2.5 km across), it is sparsely inhabited and offers great opportunities to interact with its natural beauty. 

The name of this island, Inishturk is translated as “the island of the Wild Boar”. 

The island sits on cliffs that have a sheer drop to the Atlantic Ocean and has a rich archaeological heritage. 

If you are a tourist looking to discover Inishturk, in this article we will look at some of the main attractions on the island and how best to explore.

The Cliffs of Inishturk Island

Inishturk island is well known for its majestic sea cliffs that drop into the Atlantic Ocean, and a highlight for many. 

Buachaill Mor and Buachaill Beag Sea Stacks

There is a vantage point on the island, from where you can view the Buachaill Mor and Buachaill Beag sea stacks which present spectacular sunrise and sunset views.

This is an ideal place if you are looking to get a great sunrise and sunset photo.

Tranaun Beach and Curraun Beach

Inishturk also boasts of amazing, pristine and sandy beaches, where you can laze around and enjoy the breeze and waves of the Atlantic Ocean. The beaches of Tranaun and Curraun are unspoilt, calm beaches with amazing views of the mainland. 

Inishturk is also unique in that it has a micro-climate, meaning, even on a sunny day, you will be able to see clouds gathering over the cliffs, while you still enjoy the warm sunshine and clear skies. 

seafood inishturk
Beautiful fresh seafood on Inishturk Island

Incredible Seafood

You have not tasted seafood until you’ve tasted Inishturk’s. The seafood caught in and around the island is some of the freshest and tastiest in the world. 

Some of the local produce available includes lobster, crab, and coastal fish like mackerel and pollock. All are served up daily from sea to plate. There are many B&B’s on the island serving up fresh sea-food fare, and if a lover of seafood you will be spoilt for choice.

Walking and Hiking Trails

If you are of the hiking kind and are looking for some rough and wild trails then Inishturk has something in store for you. With its rugged terrain, winding dirt roads and hill-swept landscape, the walker in you will be itching to get out and explore.

Inishturk has two trails ripe for exploration, one follows a gravel route and is known as the green trail – great for newbies and wanna-be hikers to dip their foot into, and the other is a dirt trail that goes completely off-road, known as the purple trail. The green trail is five kilometres long and can be done in an hour and a half, while the purple trail is around eight kilometres, and is more challenging taking roughly two and a half hours to complete. 

With a wealth of archaeological sites, beaches and unspoilt lands, (even a Napoleanic era sea watch tower 🙂 you will have a fun-filled day exploring the Island of Inishturk.

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