Climbing Mweelrea Mountain

Climbing Mweelrea Mountain​

The Tallest Mountain in Connaught

Who doesn’t love a good mountain climb? 


It’s fun, offers an adrenaline rush, pushes you physically and requires a calm focus which helps empty the mind of our daily stresses. 


Climbers will travel the world to conquer amazing mountains. You have to be in good shape to climb a rugged terrain. It just so happens that Ireland has Mweelrea Mountain for experienced climbers. 


climbing Mweelrea Mountain county mayo

About Mweelrea Mountain

Mweelrea is located in County Mayo on the West Coast of Ireland. Mweelrea is actually a mountain group with Mweelrea Mountain being the highest point in County Mayo. 

This mountain is not recommended for lone or inexperienced climbers. The best time to climb Mweelrea is during the summer months on a clear day. 

There are many different routes to the top of 
Mweelrea. The terrain varies greatly again making it difficult for inexperienced climbers

The most notable route for this mountain is also the most challenging from the north end of the Mountain Range called Ramp Romp. At the west end of the range, there is a less challenging route called the Coastal Route. Regardless of how you decide to take on this climb, just know the land differs in varying degrees.

climbing Mweelrea Mountain county mayo

The mountain group has some flat bluffs that in bad weather conditions you could walk right off. This alone makes this an unsafe for beginner climbers. 

The terrain of the mountain range can vary from steep slopes to rolling hills to a boggy marsh. 


The ascents can be tricky and descents steep. Even on a beautiful clear day, low clouds can descend, so if tackling the Mweelrea Mountain range, you should approach it with a slight focus.

Mweelrea Mountain
 is about 19km in total, with a 950m ascent, the hike can take up to 8 hours. It is considered one of the Irelands’ most dangerous mountains to climb so is highly recommended to tackle this climb with a partner.

climbing Mweelrea Mountain county mayo
Mweelrea from Ben Gorm

Safety Suggestions 

With the various terrains, unpredictable weather, tricky ascents and descents you should not climb Mweelrea alone. 

Be sure to have a fully charged phone with you and a charging device. Know how to use and carry a waterproof map and compass and keep hydrated.

climbing Mweelrea Mountain county mayo
Beautiful shot by Gareth McCormack of climbing Mweelrea Mountain

Ready Set Climb

Always use caution and care when climbing, regardless of how experienced or non experienced you are. Stay hydrated and bring plenty of snacks and supplies in case something happens. Simply sure this mountain is not beyond your experience level. 

Fancy a challenge while in Ireland? 

Check out Mweelrea Mountain and enjoy a tough, beautiful, rewarding climb.

climbing Mweelrea Mountain county mayo
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