cycling the greenway westport to achill

Cycling the Greenway from Westport to Achill Island

Cycling the Entire Greenway on the Summer Solstice Before moving to Westport, I had, of course, heard about the Westport Greenway. With the growing success of the Wild Atlantic Way cycling lanes and offroad trails were being built all along … Read More

granuaile the pirate queen

Grace O’Malley, otherwise known as Granuaile the Pirate Queen

Granuaile, The Pirate Queen, Westport House Grace O’Malley, otherwise known as Granuaile (phonetically Grawn-You-Ale), lived from around 1530 to 1603. She was born into the clan O’Malley, who were said to be descendants of the eldest son of the former … Read More

where to go surfing mayo

Surfing at Carrowniskey Beach

Learning How to Surf at Carrowniskey Beach with SurfMayo We here at the Middle Way Hostel are attempting to make the best Hostel in Ireland. To us, this means offering our guests a perfect holiday of relaxation and fun; hence … Read More

a day at old head beach mayo

A Day at Old Head Beach, Westport

Coffee, Swimming and Cliff-Jumping at Old Head Beach If visiting Westport and looking for that beautiful balance of inner peace and outdoor adventure, one such place we highly recommend is Old Head Beach. The beach offers so much ticking many … Read More

lads trip west of ireland

Lads Trip: 4 Epic Days of Adventure in Westport (with no Beer!)

4 Days of Adventure in Westport So my mate from England rings me up and says he wants to come to Ireland for a visit. However, he says that he doesn’t want to spend all his time sitting in pubs … Read More

climbing croagh patrick

Climbing the Holy Mountain of Croagh Patrick

Climbing Croagh Patrick I’m not going to lie, the morning we woke to tackle the Holy Mountain of Croagh Patrick the sky was not looking good. To be fair to the lads, it didn’t deter their spirits and we all … Read More

the lost valley of uggool mayo

Hiking the Lost Valley of Uggool

The Lost Valley of Uggool When they say on their website that to find the Lost Valley you must drive to the end of the road and then keep driving, they weren’t kidding. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46OFHYjsPnk With every turn you take, you … Read More

mountain biking westport

An Epic Day of Mountain Biking in Westport

Offroad Mountain Biking in Westport All we knew is we were going mountain biking. We awoke, feeling good with smiles on our faces, but with our bodies a little worse for wear after three days of hiking, walking, climbing, surfing … Read More

Afternoon Tea Anyone?

Best Afternoon Tea in Westport Different cultures do different things. This is not to suggest one is better than the other. They are simply different and such is the beauty of culture. However… as with every rule, there are exceptions … Read More

best beer gardens in westport

The 8 Best Beer Gardens in Westport

The Best Beer Garden in Westport. … Read More