The Middle Way

Exploring Westport, A Day in Pictures

Another day, another dollar 🙂 You wake up, take a shower, have some breakfast and you’re out the door to work. Into the car, automatically turn on the radio to your usual channel and before you know it, you begin … Read More

continental breakfast westport

Looking for a Lighter Breakfast? The 3 Best Continental Breakfasts in Westport

If for some strange reason you DO NOT want to enjoy an Irish breakfast (makes no sense to me 😉 and you are feeling like you want to light breakfast of fruits, yoghurts, jams and fresh breads below are few … Read More

Enjoy A Hearty Bowl of Porridge in Westport

Ireland does Winter well. A country steeped in history, literature, music and story, our big Irish skies, cosy fires and hearty food and whiskey can encourage everyone to pick up that book or pen during the Winter months. To fuel … Read More

best sauna westport

The 5 Best Saunas in Westport

Whether local looking for a healthy pastime or tourist looking for a relaxing way to while away a few hours why not visit one of Westports many spas and enjoy a refreshing massage, skin treatment, sauna or steam room. From … Read More

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Get Hot & Healthy in Westport this Winter

Christmas is over and the dark months of January and February are upon us. For many, these months can be the toughest of the year. November and December have the excitement of Christmas and holidays to get you through, but … Read More

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Why I Gave up my 6-Digit Salary, Moved to Westport and Joined the Middle Way Project

The 4 Reasons Why I Gave up a 6-Digit Salary, Sold my Company and Moved to Westport to Join the Middle Way Project! What began as an ordinary marketing meeting resulted in me selling my company, uprooting my entire life … Read More

afternoon tea cupan tae westport

Afternoon Tea at Cúpan Tae

Afternoon Tea at the Delightful Cafe Cúpan Tae I can’t believe I lived in China, India and England, three countries renowned for their tea, and it ended up being a small cafe in the west of Ireland which finally showed … Read More

erris head loop walk

Lose Yourself on the Erris Head Loop Walk

The Erris Head Loop Walk With stunning views of the Erris coastline, towering cliffs and the powerful Atlantic Ocean crashing around you, walking the Erris Head Loop Walk in County Mayo is a highly rated activity on TripAdvisor for a reason.  At … Read More

the lost valley of uggool mayo

Hiking the Lost Valley of Uggool

The Lost Valley of Uggool When they say on their website that to find the Lost Valley you must drive to the end of the road and then keep driving, they weren’t kidding. With every turn you take, you … Read More

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A Brief History Of The Love Affair For Coffee

Find the best coffee in Westport … Read More