The Best of the West

granuaile the pirate queen

Grace O’Malley, otherwise known as Granuaile the Pirate Queen

Granuaile, The Pirate Queen, Westport House Grace O’Malley, otherwise known as Granuaile (phonetically Grawn-You-Ale), lived from around 1530 to 1603. She was born into the clan O’Malley, who were said to be descendants of the eldest son of the former … Read More

where to go surfing mayo

Surfing at Carrowniskey Beach

Learning How to Surf at Carrowniskey Beach with SurfMayo We here at the Middle Way Hostel are attempting to make the best Hostel in Ireland. To us, this means offering our guests a perfect holiday of relaxation and fun; hence … Read More

lads trip west of ireland

Lads Trip: 4 Epic Days of Adventure in Westport (with no Beer!)

4 Days of Adventure in Westport So my mate from England rings me up and says he wants to come to Ireland for a visit. However, he says that he doesn’t want to spend all his time sitting in pubs … Read More

best pubs in westport

The 10 Best Pubs in Westport

If there’s one thing Westport’s not short of, it’s pubs! Westport boasts an incredible standard of Irish pub catering to every form of fun. And here at The Middle Way Hostel (through thorough research) we managed to argue and debate … Read More

best brunch in westport

The 7 Best Brunch Spots in Westport

The Cobblers Bar is one of the few spots in Westport which offers what we are all truly looking for when it comes to a perfect brunch!

Because let’s be honest; the best brunch is a brunch that doesn’t end! … Read More

gourmet greenway westport

Why Cycling the Gourmet Food Trail is one of the best things to do in Ireland!

The 8 Best Food Stops on the Greenway-Gourmet Food Trail The Gourmet Food Trail is a shortlist of the top Irish food producers situated along the 51km Off-Road Cycling lane from Westport Town to Achill Island in Co. Mayo! The … Read More

best cafe in westport

The 10 Best Cafes in Westport

While Ireland does boast the best pubs in the world, we can’t drink all the time!

Even though we sometimes do try 🙂

In between wine and whiskey, we now and again pause to enjoy a cappuccino or maybe even a panini if we’re feeling crazy!

Below is a list of the best cafes in Westport which cater to all tastes, budgets, occasions and vibes.

Whether looking for a hangover cure with a big dirty fry and plenty of tea


a healthy start to the day so you stare Croagh Patrick in the face and run up that beast like Brave Heart himself, this list has you covered.

So (in no particular order) below are the 10 best cafes in Westport. … Read More