Achill Island

beehive cafe achill island

The Beehive Cafe, Achill Island

The Quintessentially Irish Beehive Craft and Coffee Shop One could make a very strong case that the Beehive Cafe and Craft Shop on Achill Island is one of the most authentic and uniquely Irish cafes in Ireland. The Beehive Cafe … Read More

Keem Bay

A Day at Keem Bay, Achill Island

A Day of Ice Cream, Sun Cream & Coffee & Cream at Keem Bay You almost forget where you’re driving to when driving to Keem Bay. Keem Bay at the end of Achill Island You begin to drive slower and … Read More

Croaghaun Mountain achill island

Hike Croaghaun Mountain and experience the highest sea cliffs in Ireland

Hiking Croaghaun Mountain If looking for a challenging climb and don’t mind the risks of becoming food for the sea-gulls, then climbing Croaghaun mountain is a must. Located on Achill Island and at towering in at 688 metres high, this … Read More

things to do achill island

The 20 Best Things to Do On Achill Island​

Reconnect with the Present while Learning from the Past on Achill Island One could argue, that if you had to be blindfolded and dropped off at one spot in Ireland for one day only and this place had to offer … Read More