Breakfast at Cafe 74, Louisburgh

cafe 74 louisburgh

Cafe 74, Louisburgh

Sometimes you walk into a cafe and you think, “Yep, they’ve absolutely nailed this!”

The decor, the lights, the style, the art, the furniture, it all just comes together and clicks in the right way to create a relaxing atmosphere and just overall nice vibe.

cafe 74 louisburgh

Some cafes are homely and cosy. While many cafes today are stylish, clean, and cool. But you rarely find a cafe that strikes that perfect balance of being a little cosy and a little cool.

cafe 74 louisburgh

A cafe you feel at home in and simply want to sit in the corner and read your book all day while enjoying some delicious coffee.

cafe 74 louisburgh

One such cafe is Cafe 74 in Louisburgh, County Mayo.

A large cafe filled with art, books, crafts, and warmth and with a beautiful mix of textures from stone and wood to textile.

cafe 74 louisburgh

Candles, art, and lamps create a calming and Zen-like atmosphere.

cafe 74 louisburgh

Whether browsing Louisburgh, passing through, or getting ready for a big day of surfing at Carrowniskey Beach, Cafe 74 is a perfect spot for breakfast or lunch and caters to every type of holiday.

Cafe 74 louisburgh
Having Breakfast at Cafe 74 in Louisburgh

From a lad’s weekend to a family get together, the cafe is big enough and spacious enough to accommodate everyone.

A great cafe and one we at the Middle Way Hostel highly recommend.

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