Enjoy A Hearty Bowl of Porridge in Westport

Ireland does Winter well.

A country steeped in history, literature, music and story, our big Irish skies, cosy fires and hearty food and whiskey can encourage everyone to pick up that book or pen during the Winter months.

To fuel these creative long nights, you need a good hearty breakfast and none is better than the mighty bowl of porridge.

Oats are among the healthiest grains on earth and a great source of important vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants.

Oats (especially Irish Oats) in the form of porridge has endless health benefits including weight loss, lower blood sugar levels and a reduced risk of heart disease.

But like everything in life, not every bowl of porridge is the same 🙂

We have evaluated many of the mighty bowls of hot porridge this Winter taking in location, decoration, staff professionality, breakfast size, and price.

Below are the Best Cafes in Westport, offering the best bowl of porridge in Westport.

Mocha Beans

Also included in our top 3 hot chocolates in Westport, this lovely little cafe in Westport has an amazing warm atmosphere.

Leafy Greens probably offers the largest bowl of porridge of the town.

A huge bowl containing nuts, honey, banana, blackberries and raspberries. (Of course other toppings too)

A ridiculous amount of vitamins, antioxidants, and proteins to give you a volume of power to take on the day.

Pair your porridge with a delicious Americano and you couldn’t start your day better.

Porridge at Leafy Greens, Westport

Leafy Greens Cafe

Also included in the top 3 hot chocolates in Westport, this new establishment is evolved by a warmful atmosphere.

Leafy’s offers probably the most plentiful porridge of the town. A huge bowl contains a nuts-honey-banana-blackberries-raspberries’ topping. A great amount of vitamins, antioxidants, and proteins will give you a great volume of power.

One bowl should be enough for the most hungry person in the world, even if your stomach hasn’t an end. Such as the icing on the cake, you can accompany either with a creamy cup of latte or a spirited americano.

Here an incredible option to eat by 4,50 euros while you can see the typical Waterford’s scenes of the centric James Street or read the Irish Independent newspaper.

The Creel Cafe, On The Quay

Creel’s is the most important deli of Westport. Located in the harbor, join a series of characteristics which made it perfect to feel how your body is revitalized.

The local inside is so cared and distribute 20 tables painted in pastel colors. Diligent waitress will hand in you high-quality food, baked by experimented cooks. 

One of these meals are traditional porridge. Oats are organic and cooked in the proper way: you could taste its creamy finishing touch and enjoy its well-compounds toppings. You’ll have to do a choice between glazed-pear-and-walnut’s or mixed-berry-compote-banana-and-seeds’.

Although quality is always paid, you’ll find other cheaper options in the town if you are pressed for cash. However, in a few places you can enjoy the mix of scents from the Atlantic Ocean and Italian coffee.  A likable aroma that may transfer you to another universe with a brilliant porridge priced by 5,85.

Though probably the most noted advantage of Creel’s is its privileged location. Aparted by 20 minutes-walking of the town. It’s on the side of the most valuable Treasures of the town: Westport House, Romand Island, and Greenway.

O'Cee's Coffee Shop

Priced at only €3 you have no excuse to stay healthy during the Winter months in Westport.

Toppings include grapes, raspberries, strawberries and honey.

Sit by the large windows overlooking the busy Octagon and watch the world go by.

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