The Guinness Wars

best guinness in westport

The Best Guinness in Westport

I love Guinness;

And having just moved to Westport in search of balance, I thought I better go find my new local.

To ensure I gave every pub a fair and equal chance I had to try all the Guinness in the same day.

I tried 37 pubs that day.

Below are the 5 pubs which serve the best Guinness in Westport.

If it’s true what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, then I am now one strong bugger.

Which Pub Serves the Best Guinness in Westport?
best guinness in westport
Guinness in Blousers

1. Blousers

I was well warmed up by the time I arrived at Blousers Pub for what became the first Guinness to make the list.

I asked the barman for his finest pint of Guinness.
He replied, he had just served it, but he can pull another.

As the Guinness settled, I let the tunes of the sisters get into me bones and had the pint down faster than a French girls knickers.

best guinness in westport
best guinness in ireland
Guinness and Trad! A fast way to lose control of your own feet.
Pint of Guinness
Toby's Pub, Cahernamart, Westport
tobys bar westport
Like a Moth to a Flame

2. Tobys Pub

A few pubs later I arrived in Tobys.

I ordered a pint of Guinness.

“We don’t believe in labels in here” shouted the man next to me.

We got chatting.

His name was Mary and was a lovely woman.

I drank my stout and left,

wisdom in my step, confusion in my mind.

best guinness in westport
best pub in westport
Johnny Morans​, Bridge St, Westport

3. Johnny Morans

In Morans I asked for a stout.

“You met Mary I see”, replied the barman.

“Well, we have two stouts, so what are you going to do now?”

Biasedly, I ordered a Guinness.

It all made sense.

I had found pub number 3.

best guinness in westport
guinness settling

4. McGings

Several pubs later and as the evening drew near, I thought some lining to carry me through the night would be wise.

I headed to McGings for a cheeky free sandwich which along with creamy pints of Guinness, come out on a tray around 7pm every Friday.

No, they did not bribe me with the last ham and cheese; they made the list fair and square.

Guinness to die for and at this stage I nearly was.

Pub number 4 found.

best guinness in westport
sandwiches in mcgings westport
Cheeky free sandwich at McGings
drank pint of guinness

5. Matt Molloys

At this stage, blind drunk, I had lost track of how many pubs I had tried.

But I knew I was going to Matt Molloys last as it was a late bar.

I made my way in that direction, headed in and ordered a pint of Guinness.

“You must be Irish.” Said the barman.

Drunkenly I replied, “Oh, so ordering a Guinness makes me Irish?, If I ordered a Pizza, would you assume I’m Italian?”

best guinness in westport

“I didn’t…”

“If I ordered a Bratwurst, would that make me German?”

“No, but…”

“So why exactly do you think I’m Irish then?”

“Sir, this is a book store.”

I then went in next door to Matt Molloys and ordered a whiskey.

I then remembered, what I was doing and ordered a pint of Guinness.

Pub number 5 was found.

I will leave where I woke up for another day.

matt molloys pub westport
Even at 11pm the day shone brightly

Where do you think is the best Guinness in Westport?

Did I miss somewhere?

Now… best cocktail in Westport 😉

Paul Feeney
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  1. Gracie Bray

    And the best cocktail? Not in your blog?

  2. Paul Feeney

    I know Gracie – terrible 🙂 We are on it! But if it helps – It’s Janey Macs! 🙂 See you there

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