Looking for a Lighter Breakfast? The 3 Best Continental Breakfasts in Westport

continental breakfast westport

If for some strange reason you DO NOT want to enjoy an Irish breakfast (makes no sense to me 😉 and you are feeling like you want to light breakfast of fruits, yoghurts, jams and fresh breads below are few establishments in Westport which offer a delicious, fresh and healthy continental breakfast.

Knockranny Hotel

With a great selection of food and even better view, The Knockranny Hotel is a wonderful spot to enjoy a light breakfast in a bright atmosphere.

The open buffet style offers a great variety of fruits, cereals and natural yogurts, as well as juices, honey’s and pastries.

The  panoramic view of Westport is also a delight as you read your paper and awake to the world.

The Castlecourt Hotel

The Castlecourt Hotel is also a great choice if fancying a lighter, continental breakfast in Westport.

With large a selection, quality products and a nice atmosphere, it makes for a lovely morning breakfast.

The Westport Hotel

Inside the Westport Hotel situated in the heart of Westport is the Islands Bar and Restaurant offering a healthy buffet style breakfast everyday from 7.30am until 11am.

In a relaxed atmosphere, they offering a choice of freshly baked bread, fresh fruits, cold meats, fish and cheeses.

Of course the The Hot Buffet does offer traditional Full Irish Breakfast (if desired)

A great little side benefit of The Westport Hotel is its location. I always love a stroll after breakfast so grab your last coffee to go and enjoy roaming the grounds of Westport House right outside the door.

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