The 7 Best Brunch Spots in Westport

best brunch in westport

When it comes to searches like Best Breakfast in Westport or Best lunch in Westport, people can be searching for many different things.

From cheap and cheerful family-friendly spots to cheap and crazy, stag friendly spots everyone is looking for something different.

However, when it comes to looking for the Best Brunch in Westport, I believe the parameters for what we all want begin to narrow.

If thinking brunch, we want the best. We are on holiday and we want a bit of an experience. We want our indulgent cakes, our good coffees, our ‘brunchy’ type foods and nice settings. We are looking for the brunch experience as opposed to the “nice lunch”.

So with that in mind, here are 7 truly great brunch spots in Westport which offer the best brunches. From the atmosphere to location, the standard of cake to coffee to the menu, below are (in our Middle Way opinion) the 7 best brunch spots in Westport. (in no particular order)

best cafe on the quay westport

1. The Creel Cafe

The Creel cafe is located a beautiful 20-minute walk from Westport town centre along the Quay Harbour and you are spoiled for choice with regards which walk you want to choose to get here.

– You can walk along the road which will offer you an amazing view of Clew Bay.
– You can walk through Westport House. The entrance which is in town and the exit is at the cafe! 🙂 This is a beautiful walk past Westport House itself and through the grounds of Forrests and lakes.
– You can ALSO walk along the Greenway, where you will be surrounded by nature. This walk will bring you under bridges and through Forrests which is again, an amazing walk.

So you are spoilt for choice.

greenway westport
greenway westport

I recommend walking to the Creel via the Greenway and back to town through Westport House.

The cafe itself is very large and also has outdoor seating. 

Located along the quay you will feel the difference in sea air and atmosphere which (with its large windows) the cafe makes full use of.

I feel the Creel would be one of the most relaxing brunch spots on this list given its size. Once you finish your brunch, you don’t feel as under pressure to leave to offer your seat to the next patron as much as the other smaller cafes in town.

The Creel offers breakfast, brunch, lunch and evening menus and with an amazing atmosphere, homemade cakes and pies, being reasonably priced it is one of the best cafes slash restaurants in Westport for fun, food and family.

It also offers a great menu for vegetarians and vegans

Best pastries on the quay westport
leafy greens westport

2. Leafy Greens

One of my personal favourites, The Leafy Greens is what I hope is a glimpse into the future. Getting away from frys and paninis, toasted sandwiches and bought in pastries, Leafy Greens offers a healthy, imaginative, very tasty, unique menu.

They have (magically) combined healthy meals with taste. Halleluja! It can be done!

I recently had a smoked mackerel and hummus salad! I mean, what! Delicious!

leafy greens cafe westport

A great cup of coffee, a great selection of homemade cakes and pies and a warm Westport welcoming vibe. Definitely one of the best cafes in Westport.

A great spot for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free folks and people who want to feel good.

They offer a simple yet delicious breakfast and lunch options. 
Check out their chalkboard for what’s good!

leafy greens cafe westport
this must be the place cafe westport

3. This Must Be The Place

This Must Be The Place live up their name in many ways. Situated at the top of Westport beside the Westport Clock Tower it looks gives a perfect view down two cute little streets. This central location gives the cafe a unique atmosphere as its always busy inside and out with everyone people watching and soaking up the lively Westport atmosphere.

Aside from its great location, This Must Be The Place has a delicious and fresh menu.
Its use of local produce and high standard of cuisine results in it being the only cafe in Westport to make it on to the Gourmet Greenway.

It’s cosy, cute, have tasty, healthy menu options and superb coffee!

A must-try if visiting Westport. Whether alone or in a group you will feel right at home and easy addition to the Best Brunch in Westport.

wyatt hotel westport

4. Cobblers Bar

The Cobblers Bar is one of the few spots in Westport which offers what we are all truly looking for when it comes to a perfect brunch!

Because let’s be honest; the best brunch is a brunch that doesn’t end!

Yes, the day may have started with a brunch, nice coffee and relaxing read of the paper, but as the day rolled by you thought “maybe we’ll just have the one”. 😉

The Cobblers Bar is a perfect blend of everything good about the West of Ireland.

Offering great food and atmosphere, it brings its guests smoothly into the afternoon with sport on TV, great lunches, great music and more.

Like the Creel, Cobblers offers breakfast, lunch and evening menus nicely teeing up for craic for the night 🙂

A beautiful balance between a fancy restaurant and cosy Irish pub, The Cobblers is premium hotel standards at pub prices.

With great food and drinks, dog-friendly and the best outdoor seating in Westport, Cobblers is a dangerous pub where you will come for the brunch and stay for the day with matches, pints, live music and more keeping you happy all day!

an file pub westport

5. An File

The pub An File is located smack bang in Westport town centre on what they call the Octagon. This lively little pub packs a punch as it has great outdoor seating, a goods setup for live sports, live music and a fantastic menu which is very reasonably priced.

Do not let the lively pub atmosphere fool you. An File takes its food very seriously and has created a menu which embraces its bustling pub reputation. Big Burgers, Fish & Chips, Huge Sandwiches and Full Irish All day, it does what it does and it does it very well!

Its menu is simple, tasty, generous and reasonably priced.

An File Bar, Restaurant and Guesthouse
1 The Octagon, Westport, Co. Mayo
(098) 44949

cupan tae westport

6. Cupán Tae

The irony of Cupán Tae (Cup of Tea) is that it is probably the most marmite spot on this list being that it is not everyone’s cup of tea 🙂

Cupán Tae decided upon their niche and to be fair to them they fully embraced it.

Cupán Tae is a cafe which offers you something more than great food.
Yes, it is a little expensive, but it brings you back in time with soothing classics playing, the old school vintage decor and smell of tea which fills the cafe.

best pancakes in westport cupan tae westport
Pancakes which couldn't be fluffier!

Different to any other cafe in Westport, it offers a unique experience, along with great food.

And of course, if you are one of these crazy people who would prefer tea to coffee than this is the place for you.

You can also check out Afternoon Tea at Cupan Tae which is amazing.

currys cottage westport

7. Currys Cottage

If not from Ireland, Currys Cottage could be a nice little treat. A lovely little cottage styled cafe which offers a cosy, friendly and warm atmosphere.

They have a lovely little menu, an amazing selection of freshly baked bread and cakes and a seating arrangement which makes absolutely no sense, making the whole place feel like your in someone’s kitchen 🙂

Once you squeeze into your chair past everyone else, you feel right at home.
After your delicious brunch Grab some cakes and coffee and soak in the very Irish atmosphere 🙂

currys cottage westport
A cosy little cafe where you feel right at home
currys cottage westport
Freshly baked breads everyday

Feel we’re missing somewhere?

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