The 8 Best Beer Gardens in Westport

best beer gardens in westport

Okay, so most of the “beer gardens” on this list are not in fact beer gardens. They are however, the best places to enjoy a pint and the sun in Westport.

So below are a list of the best spots in Westport to enjoy the sun and an ice-cold beer.

For this list, I felt I could actually put them in order! So if soaking up the sun for a few hours is what you want to do in Westport, below are the best places in Westport to enjoy the sun and beer in order!

1. The Towers, on the Quay

Arguably one of the best spots in Westport when the sun is shining is the Towers Bar situated on the Quay, overlooking Clew Bay. It’s beautiful, large beer garden hugs the shore and offers striking views of the bay, rugged coastline and Croagh Patrick. On sunny days The Towers will get light and warmth right throughout the day and night. On long summer evenings, people will stay outside until closing!

the quay bar westport

2. The Quay Pub, on the Quay

Not to confuse, the Quay Pub is also situated on the Quay, 100 yards along from The Towers. Ths Quay is a traditional Irish pub and when the sun is shining the Quay Bar’s Beer Garden is hard to beat. Directly facing the bay and Croagh Patrick its views are breathtaking and as the day moves into the evening it proves a spot hard to beat.

They also offer pizza made fresh in the beer garden which bumps up the Quay a few spots. What is better than a few ice cold beers and a freshly made pizza on a sunny day!

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For a pint, pizza and amazing view in the sun, the Quay Pub is a one of the best places to drink outside in Westport.

3. The Helm Bar, on the Quay

The Helm pub is a nice Irish pub which serves great food. It doesn’t have a huge amount of seating, but when the sun is shining and live music playing, this doesn’t seem to matter with tourists spilling out onto the sidewalk. The great advantage of the Helm is its location next to the harbour and boats.

When the sun is shining, The Helm kicks into gear and with live music, great food, views of the quay, countryside and big beautiful yachts it makes for a great spot to while away a sunny day.

best beer garden in westport
stag party an file westport

4. An File, on the Octagon

One of the great things about day drinking in the sun is people watching and soaking up that lively energy. Nowhere in Westport is more central or great for that then An File. Located on the Octogan and attracting a youthful clientele, An File attracts a crowd in search of fun and when the sun is shining – this only amplifies. It only has a small amount of seating at its front but with the town in your eye line, people tend to mingle and jingle around here all day 🙂

cronins shebeen westport

5. Cronin's Shebeen

Okay, I better be careful with Cronins as I’d hate to send someone there with the wrong idea. When I think ‘best beer garden’ I think madness, energy, lively. This is not really Cronins. With Cronin’s, it’s simply an amazing spot to enjoy the sun. Its view overlooking the bay is truly stunning. If looking for a beautiful Irish pub serving amazing food where you can enjoy the sun for a few hours, this is a uniquely beautiful spot. If looking for craziness, maybe not – but incredibly beautiful on a sunny day and possibly serves the best food on this list!

6. Cobblers Bar, on the Octogan

Back into Westport town, we have the Cobblers Bar, on the Octagon. Like An File, its location allows you to soak up the sun and town. Situated right beside our statue of Saint Patrick, you can’t get more central and makes for a great spot to meet people and make plans when no plans are needed.

7. The Clock Tavern

When the sun is shining the music is going at The Clock Tavern. Music is set up at the front of the pub offering a full view of the town and the comings and goings. If arriving into Westport it won’t be long before you pass The Clock Tavern and get pulled in by its inviting atmosphere and live entertainment.

8. Petie Joes

If the sun is shining, but it’s windy, Petie Joes could be just the spot. The beer garden section is surrounded by a plaza of the two hotels it sits between. This gives it great shelter allowing nothing but the suns rays to warm your face. With great food and live music nearly every night, Petie Joes can be a great day spot when the sun is shining (sporadically 😉

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