Afternoon Tea Anyone?

Best Afternoon Tea in Westport

Different cultures do different things.

This is not to suggest one is better than the other. They are simply different and such is the beauty of culture.

However… as with every rule, there are exceptions and one such exception is Irish tea 🙂

China invented tea and drink the most – literally.

Per capita Turkey, the UK and Ireland drink the most.

The English added a little fanciness with afternoon tea, 

but Ireland … perfected tea 🙂

None of this watery nonsense from Asia or bland grey flavours of the English.

A cup of tea should have a robust deep flavour hitting that spot.

I don’t know what that ‘spot’ is, but tea without milk or Earl Grey definitely does not hit it; it hardly tickles it, if you ask me!


So, let’s enjoy the beauty of Irish tea from its relaxing nature to its encouragement of conversation. The perfect accompaniment to treats and pastries and its ability to whisk one off to pretend world of fancy, smancy.

Grab the papers, sit back and enjoy a spot of Irish afternoon tea.

Below is a list of beautiful places offering the best Afternoon tea in Westport.

afternoon tea westport plaza

1. Westport Plaza Hotel

The Westport Plaza Hotel in my opinion absolutely nailed their hotel bar.

A perfect balance of style and comfort. I feel many hotels get this wrong. They often veer into an austere style where you can feel bored sitting in a clean, over stylised foyer or bar.

The Westport Plaza Hotel is both luxurious and cosy, high-end and homely and it is for this reason their decor and atmosphere lends itself perfectly to enjoying Afternoon tea. 

afternoon tea westport plaza

Afternoon tea is, of course, a mix of tea and relaxing. 

Creating this atmosphere of conversation and unwind is as important to the craft of Afternoon tea as the tea itself.

Enjoy delicious sandwiches, homemade scones, cakes and desserts with Irish Tea, Coffee or nonsense tea, I mean Herbal Tea.

Add a little fun to the day with champagne, cocktails and wine.

afternoon tea westport plaza
"The thing we should take most seriously in life is relaxing"
irish marketing consultant paul feeney
Paul Feeney
afternoon tea westport knockranny

2. Knockranny House

Knockranny House most definitely heeds this advice and makes great efforts in creating a wonderful atmosphere and menu.

The beautiful Knockranny House is set against an incredible backdrop of panoramic views over Westport, Croagh Patrick and Clew Bay!

This amazing house has a fabulous style and decor winning many prestigious awards over the years in the art of hospitality, all of which creating the perfect Afternoon tea setting.

Their Classic Afternoon Tea offers selections of finely cut sandwiches and hand crafted pastries, freshly baked scones with Irish made preserves. 

However, Knockranny love to get a little creative when it comes to their Afternoon tea which I love adding little twists on the classics to always surprise and delight.

Their Afternoon Tea Menu is seasonally inspired and is always a unique and truly enjoyable experience.

afternoon tea cupan tae westport

3. Cupan Tae

Don’t fancy a hotel? 

Feel more like people watching and soaking up a little of that Irish, Westport atmosphere and charm? 🙂 

Then Afternoon Tea at Cupán Tae could be just the spot!

Located in the heart of Westport town, Cupán Tae is a delightful little cafe weaving old world charm with an eclectic 1950’s Gatsby-esque tearoom.

They house a huge array of fifty teas and offer a relaxing, welcoming and unique atmosphere.

afternoon tea cupan tae westport

While a stylish setting for stylish guests, there is a lovely sense of whimsical humour to the cafe making afternoon tea (or any visit) more fun and enjoyable.

Yes, the tea is severed in vintage china teacups and the decor is one of elegance but as more of a homage. This makes it all the more enjoyable as it sets itself as more of an experience rather than the ‘way it is’.

Cupán Tae offers an incredible Afternoon Tea where you can enjoy handcrafted tea, presented on the finest of bone china. Indulge in a selection of finger sandwiches, savoury delights, homemade scones and sweet treats to satisfy the sweetest of sweet tooths; all served by friendly and knowledgable staff. 

afternoon tea cupan tae westport

As mentioned they offer over 50 varieties of teas, each sourced by the owner and master tea expert Alison Mc Ardle. 

Afternoon tea at Cúpan Tae’s is a unique and enjoyable experience and you have space – try their amazing pancakes!

Hey Locals, have we missed any?

Any Afternoon Tea spots you would recommend?
And no John, your house does not count!

Place in the comments for tourists to see! 🙂

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