2 Unique Pizza Places You Must Try in Westport!

best pizza place in westport

The “Best pizza in Westport!
Civil wars have been fought over less 🙂

This list is very much targeted at our customer audience. If staying with us here at The Middle Way Hostel you are looking for adventure, for experiences, for something interesting and new!

If you are genuinely looking for the best pizza in Westport, whereby “best” pizza means “tastiest” pizza, then you can see our list of “5 Best Pizza Places in Westport” 🙂

THIS LIST is about more than pizza.

Because enjoying food can be an experience. The settings and surroundings, atmosphere and vibe have as much to do with enjoying your pizza than the pizza itself.

You didn’t come to the West of Ireland for a pizza, (Did you? 🙂 You came to experience Ireland in all its Irish glory (and maybe enjoy a pizza 😉

So, below are 2 amazing pizza places in Westport which offer amazing pizzas in unforgettable settings to give you an Wild Atlantic experience 🙂

The Quay Bar

The clue is in the title, It’s a bar, it’s on the Quay – I mean was is there not to like!

If a visitor to Westport and you think to yourself, “You know what, I’d love a pizza”, then get your ass down to The Quay Bar.

The Quay Bar ticks a whole lot of boxes for me when it comes to enjoying a pizza.

The Quay Bar is an authentic Irish pub with a simple beer garden. But its incredible view over the harbour (arguably one the best in Westport) is what gives this little pub something truly special.

And what happens when you combine an Irish pub, beer garden, pizza and the best view ever! You get a truly unique, Irish experience.

This authentic Irish pub has cleverly partnered with a local Pizza Caravan which fires up every evening to cook delicious, fresh pizzas in its beer garden.

Grab a creamy pint of Guinness and a freshly made pizza and watch the sun sink over the bay with tunes playing and get a glimpse of what it is like to live in the West of Ireland.

gracys pizza-bistro westport house westport

Gracy's Pizzeria and Bistro

As with the Quay Bar, the unique quality of Gracy’s Pizzeria & Bistro is its location.

Imagine enjoying a pizza and a glass of wine surrounded by lakes and trees on the grounds of a beautiful, historical 300 hundred-year-old estate.

Gracy’s Pizzeria and Bistro is built in the old farmyard buildings located within the grounds of Westport House, one of Ireland’s best-loved heritage attractions.

gracys pizza westport house westport
The 'Man-Overboard’ . Hot chilli, chorizo, spicy meatballs, fire-roasted peppers and tomatos? It will blow the head of ya! 😳😳😳🤯🌶🌶 Great with a cold pint 🙂

You can stroll around the house and imagine living as far back as the 16th century when Grace O’Malley, the Pirate Queen of Connacht ruled the land and seas around the estate. The Westport House is built upon the foundations of one of her many castles and the dungeons below can still be toured today.

To sit an enjoy an original stone baked oven pizza pondering which toppings from around the world you will order. Deciding which wine from which country will pair well with the pizza on the actual site where hundreds of years earlier sat an actual Pirate Queen. With all her success and in between all her mischief and plundering, I can’t imagine she ever had the privilege of enjoying a pizza and a glass of wine 🙂 

westport house

If there was ever a setting to help us appreciate and be grateful for the wonders of the pizza! it’s at Gracys Pizza at Westport House built on the grounds of the pirate queen Grace O’Malley! 🙂

Walk the grounds, tour the house, grab a beer or wine and enjoy a delicious pizza in one of the most beautiful houses in Ireland.

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