The 10 Best Pubs in Westport

best pubs in westport

If there’s one thing Westport’s not short of, it’s pubs!

Westport boasts an incredible standard of Irish pub catering to every form of fun.

And here at The Middle Way Hostel (through thorough research) we managed to argue and debate to figure out which are the best pubs

So without further ado, we give you (in no particular order) the 10 best pubs in Westport. 

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1. Blousers

Blousers is the real deal.

It’s actually so much the “real deal” of what it means to be an Irish pub that it was famously used in a Guinness Ad titled “Knowing What Matters”.

The Guinness Ad filmed in Blouser’s, Westport. Possibly the first Guinness ad broadcast after the smoking ban was introduced in Ireland.

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In truth, the banter, music and genuine atmosphere put across in the advert is pretty much what you get here every weekend. It seems to strike a perfect balance of local pub with a sprinkle of tourists.

This is probably in part because by the time tourists join the fun the pub is pretty much full by locals 🙂

If lucky enough to find a little nook in Blousers, sit in, grab one of the ‘best Guinness in Westport, and enjoy the energetic live music, fireplace, history, lads, tales and West whistling through the bar.

2. Morans

No, you have not just walked into someone front room, you have walked into one of my favourite pubs, Morans.

If an Irish pub these days has no WiFi or music but is packed, you have to wonder what type of weird people are these?

People that can entertain themselves with nothing but stories and laughter, jokes and wit!?

No phones or sports or music!

They simply chat with each other! Crazy stuff.

“Never let the truth get in the way of a good story” ​
Tour Guide
The Middle Way Hostel

Morans is the epitome of the old Irish saying, “The pub is the poor mans University”.

Head on down to Morans, Grab a Guinness and Whiskey and practise an art form which will help you throughout your life in all ways – To listen closely and reply well.

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mcgings pub westport

3. McGings

McGings has a wonderful feel to it and makes you feel right at home after 1 or 2.

Its warmth is so strong that it’s the type of pub you could still enjoy even when empty.

A perfect Irish pub for a close group of friends to grab a corner and while away the day chatting nonsense and enjoying a few pints.

Located just at the top of the town by the clock, McGings also enjoys a great location.

Pop in on Friday evening for a few free sandwiches, but grab them quick because the old men in the corner who hadn’t moved all day seem to become Usain Bolt when the trays arrive!

4. An File

There is an old adage, that ‘Behind every great man is a great woman’.

Well behind every great pub is a great warm up pub 🙂

“You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning”
Pub Manager
The Middle Way Hostel

Situated at the corner of the Octagon, An File (The Poet in Irish) offers a great vantage point of Westport to watch the world go by. From horny Hens to mad Stags, physco cyclists to healthy hikers, An File is a busy pub on a busy corner with a great atmosphere.

It is a pub which has embraced its place as a great day drinking spot. With sports on big screens, people reading newspapers and others enjoying burgers, beers and chicken wings, it gets people looking for a fun night out in Westport well warmed up.

cronins shebeen pub westport

5. Cronins Shebeen

One could argue strongly that “technically” Cronins Shebeen literally is the best pub in Westport.

It’s decor, location, view and style are pure Irish at its best.

It even serves Michelin level food in a cosy, warm, fire lit setting.

On paper, you couldn’t tick any more boxes on what constitutes a great Irish pub.

Now, we all know that there is more to a great pub than meets the eye.

Beautiful pubs all around the world fail everyday for no apparent reason. They may have amazing furniture or beautiful decor but they lacked ‘something’ which made them fail. The essence, vibe or heart just wasn’t there. “Atmosphere” can be a difficult thing to put ones finger on.

A great pub is something more than the sum of all its parts.

Well when it comes to Cronins the parts are working perfectly and the sum is one amazing Irish pub.

If climbing the Reek this is one pub you might want to treat yourself to a meal and a pint afterwards.

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matt molloys pub westport

6. Matt Molloys

What can you say about Matt Molloys, that hasn’t already been said 🙂

Love it or hate it Matt Molloys is the main spot for all our beautiful tourists to come together to soak up the fun and jovial Paddy Wackery us Irish are famous for.

If you can’t beat em join em!

The pub has an energy all of its own! Many a tourist has entered only to leave several years later overweight and happily married. A place to get lost and cry, dance it out and drink so much you all of a sudden believe you can sing a song.

Grab a mighty pint of Guinness, Get stuck in and I dare you to not tap your feet to the lively Trad music (An Impossible Feat!)

The pub also has a great back bar with live bands, dance floor and great smoking area. Its some spot and a spot you must visit.

Enjoy! And good luck! 🙂

best traditional irish music matt molloys pub westport

7. MacBrides

Everything a good Irish pub should be.

MacBrides is a great pub and one of my personal favourites.

A good size, a great vibe, a perfect mix of young and old and a decent selection of whiskeys and wines.

Full of Nooks and Crannies MacBrides is a great spot to settle in and let the energy, beer and music bring on that tingly feeling. You can comfortably sit and stand all over the pub due to its unique layout which encourages beer and conversation to flow as it should.

This is the pub you go for “1” and stay for 10.

Not a bad spot for sports and probably does make our list of Best Sports Bars in Westport.

An upbeat Irish pub, full of mischief. The whole pub is a world of nooks where friends become closer. Make your way through the busy pub, pack in tight and enjoy being wrapped in history, banter and good tunes.

macbrides pub main street westport

It is also a great spot for when entering the evening.

(This may confuse some tourists, but we Irish love our day drinking 😉

For a younger crowd and good buzz, MacBride’s might just be the spot.

Full of Nooks and Crannies MacBrides is a great spot to settle in and let the energy, beer and music bring on that tingly feeling.

best guinness in ireland

8. The Old Grainstore

The Old Grainstore has a fantastic range of Whiskeys from all over the world and also offers a great range of Irish Whiskey.

With two amazing nooks, if you grab one of those cheeky little spots you are set for the day! The balance of dark wood with warm light gives this pub a real feel of history and warmth.

A solid Irish pub with dark wood, good music and attracts a great crowd of old and young, tourist and local.

The Old Grainstore also makes our list of Best Sports Pub coming in at number 5. Maybe a pub more suited for a day of golf than a match, but decent none the less.

stauntons pub westport

9. Stauntons Pub

Yes, Stauntons Pub is a ‘little’ far from Westport town (a 10 minute drive along a beautiful, coastal road) but, there is something about this pub that just makes whatever you’re doing, better.

Whether it be reading the newspaper, having a chat, grabbing a pint or enjoying a panini, sitting in or outside this spectacular pub shadowed by the mighty Croagh Patrick makes you feel like you really are a traveller. You are on the edge of the world, in a time gone by in the West coast of Ireland, one of the oldest civilisations on earth.

A family run pub located along the Wild Atlantic Way it is a pub which has been owned and run for generations by the same family.

Enjoy a warm welcome, home-made food, Irish teas and coffee or pints to beat the band in this beautiful Irish pub.

The Porterhouse Westport

10. The Porter House Bar

Theres nothing wrong with a touristy pub when done right 🙂

We here at The Middle Way Hostel take these lists seriously, so we wouldn’t add it to the list if we didn’t feel it was up there 🙂

Located smack bang in the centre of town, great music and a lively energy all come together to make The Porterhouse a great spot for a few.

With a little TV area in the back next to a nice little smoking area (which also has a TV) and with a bookies across the road, it could also be a great spot to enjoy the races 😉

Have we missed any?

Whats your favourite pub in Westport?

Tell us (and tourists reading) in the comments below!

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